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Mail Order Catalogs

Shopping always has been and will remain an indispensable part of our life. However, today, a large number of people wish to shop while enjoying the comfort of their own home. For such people, mail order catalogs are the perfect solution. The concept of mail order means that products can be purchased either through the telephone or as in most cases, online. Companies or stores that offer this facility have a mail order catalog, which lists all the products or services that can be ordered online. These home catalogs allow people to browse through the products on offer, much like they would do in an actual store.

Today, almost everything can be purchased using home shopping catalogs. This includes clothes and accessories, furniture and appliances, gardening equipment, books, gifts, flowers, groceries, other electronics and just about anything one can think of. One can quickly compare prices among brands using catalogs. In the United States, several companies and stores have their own mail order catalogs for the customers to order from. For instance, ARBICO Organics is a company that sells all varieties of organic farm products such as fertilizers, pesticides, seeds etc. Customers can order a home catalog, choose the desired products and then order them online. Similarly, Boden, a clothing brand also offers the option of mail order shopping to their customers.
One of the major disadvantages of shopping through mail order catalogs is that it is not possible to ascertain the quality of the product before buying it. There may be a huge difference between how a product looks on a screen and how it looks in reality. With regard to clothes and accessories, it is not possible to try them out before purchasing when you order through a catalog. Moreover, one may be disappointed by the material, finish, etc. With electronic appliances, there is always the problem of parts not working. In case of fresh produce, there is the concern of the product being spoilt in the duration it takes for delivery.
However, most stores have a return policy on all their items which can be used in the event that the product ordered is unsatisfactory. Although some items like lingerie and electronic goods that have been tampered with are exempt from the policy, it is not hard to see that the system has obvious advantages- the stores are more careful with what they deliver so as to avoid complaints and the customer has the freedom to reject a product if it proves unsatisfactory.
To sum up, home catalogs allow you to go through a range of products, all listed in one place, as per your convenience at any time and place. It also allows you to easily compare different products and their prices. Thus, though there are some disadvantages to shopping using mail order catalogs, these are outweighed by the benefits, which explains why shopping through mail order catalogs is a rising trend today.

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